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Power Consumption Of Electric Loaders Made In China

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Before the operation of the electric loader, the small loader shall be checked to see whether the tire pressure, the joint of each hydraulic pipe, the hydraulic control valve are normal, and whether the lubricating parts are short of oil. It can be started only after it is confirmed to be normal. During the operation of small loader, pay attention to the situation of people around at all times, especially when reversing, pay attention to whether there are pedestrians behind the vehicle. During the operation, no one is allowed to get on or off the vehicle, especially sitting or standing on the bucket and frame. Do not lift the bucket too high when the electric loader is running with empty bucket. When the electric loader is running on uneven ground and turning, it is strictly prohibited to lift the shovel to a high position. 

electric loaderSmall forklifts are not allowed to carry out warranty operation on the ramp. Turning, reversing and parking are strictly prohibited on steep slopes. When stalling on the slope, the bucket should be landed and firmly braked before starting. When the loader works at night, the site lighting shall be complete and intact. After forklift operation, park the small loader on a flat ground and drop the bucket on the ground. For hydraulic operation, retract the hydraulic cylinder, put the control lever in the middle position, clean it, and close the doors and windows after lubrication.

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