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Guide For Routine Maintenance Of Electric Loader

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Speaking of the loader suitable for our ordinary household use, it must be a small electric loader. It has a small body, flexible movement and simple operation. It is convenient to transport hay branches and a small amount of grain at home at ordinary times, and it is rechargeable. It can last for four to five hours after being charged. Before using this small electric loader, we should know these precautions.

1. When we get a new small electric loader, before using it, we need to check the lubrication condition of the grease fitting of the whole vehicle, lubricate it in time, and then add grease every three to five days.

electric loader

2. When the power of the machine is displayed in the red area, the machine should be charged. The charging time of the machine battery is six to eight hours.

3. Check the liquid level of the battery regularly every day. When the liquid level is less than the bottom line of the scale, add battery make-up liquid regularly.

4. After the driving is completed, the power switch shall be cut off after parking, and the hand brake shall be pulled up after parking.

5. Regularly check the tightness of the screws of all parts of the vehicle and tighten them in time.

The small details of the operation of these electric loaders must be kept in mind, and the correct operation of the machine can make the machine play its due strength.

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