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Influence Of Professional Environment On Electric Loader

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If the electric loader fails to brake properly, the car cannot be braked, and the sliding distance of the crane and trolley is too large after power failure, it may be due to oil contamination on the brake surface, serious wear of the brake pad lining, improper adjustment of the main spring or fatigue aging. In view of this situation, corresponding measures should be taken, such as cleaning the brake working surface with kerosene, replacing the aging lining, and adjusting the tension of the main spring. electric loaderIf the actuator of the electric loader cannot be opened, the motor makes abnormal noise, and the tile lining emits scorching smell and smoke, it may be that the main spring is too tight, the tile lining is glued to the brake wheel, or the movable hinge is stuck, the tile lining on the working surface of the brake wheel shall also be cleaned; Remove the sundries at the stuck place and lubricate the hinge with oil; Adjust the main spring to meet the standard requirements.

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