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Maintenance Method Of Hydraulic System Of Electric Loader

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Maintenance method of hydraulic system of electric loader

1¡¢ Before the initial operation of the hydraulic pump of the electric loader, the pump shall be filled with oil, and venting operation is strictly prohibited.

2¡¢ Protect the hydraulic oil from pollution: select the hydraulic oil of appropriate specification according to the product manual; Before the hydraulic system is put into use, it must be strictly cleaned; During use, the intrusion of moisture, emulsion, dust, fiber sundries and other mechanical sundries shall be prevented.

3¡¢ Prevent air from entering: pay attention to prevent air leakage where the pressure of the oil suction pipeline and the seal at the drive shaft end of the pump is lower than the atmospheric pressure. If the system has entered the air, the air leakage part shall be found out and eliminated in time.electric loader

4¡¢ Before the operation of the electric loader, check the fastening of all fasteners and pipe joints to see whether they are loose and whether the pipeline is deformed or damaged.

5¡¢ Work according to the operating procedures: if the working pressure of the distribution valve of the hydraulic system of the working device exceeds or is lower than the specified value, it shall be adjusted in time. The small loader shall be operated smoothly without violent operation, so as to prevent excessive instantaneous pressure on the hydraulic system, oil pipe splitting, loose connecting pipe and even internal leakage.

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