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The Thread Rolling Machine Can Roll The Workpiece With Thread

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Thread rolling machine is a multi-functional cold extrusion machine tool. The thread rolling machine can roll the workpiece with thread, straight grain and twill in cold state within its rolling pressure range; Rolling of spur, helical and helical spline gears; Straightening, reducing, rolling and various forming rolling. 

thread rolling machineThe machine has a safe and reliable electro-hydraulic execution and control system, which can select each working cycle in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes. The principle of cold rolling small module involute spline on. 50. R is a pair of involute rolling wheels with the same parameters, which are respectively installed on the two main shafts of the wire rolling machine and can rotate synchronously in the same direction driven by the transmission mechanism. The R wheel can be driven by the oil cylinder for radial feeding movement, and the L wheel can coincide with the indentation of the R wheel on the P surface of the workpiece through the adjustment of the adjustment mechanism.


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