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Dressing Method To Avoid Wear Of Thread Rolling Machine

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Dressing method to avoid wear of thread rolling machine

1) Trim the bottom plane of the cutter body to make the cutter body straight and stable.

2) Rough grind the front so that the front is parallel to the bottom plane of the tool body.

3) After rough grinding, the main cutting edge is parallel to the outer circle of the grinding wheel, and the cutter body is inclined to the grinding wheel by 60 - 8., To form the correct main rear corner.

thread rolling machine

4) Based on the left plane of the tool body, the lathe grinds the back of the auxiliary on the left side of the tool body, and ensures the auxiliary deflection angle and auxiliary rear angle at the same time.

5) Grinding the back of the right side of the pair shall meet the following requirements:

¢Ù Take the center of the cutter head as the symmetry axis to ensure the width of the main cutting edge.

¢Ú Ensure the length of the cutter head.

¢Û Grind out the auxiliary deflection angle and ensure the auxiliary rear angle.

6) Before fine grinding, sharpen the chip curling groove. The lathe is recommended to adopt an open chip coiling groove with inclined angle and wide width to form chip coiling with large radius and discharge it orderly to the same side. The lathe shall also ensure the required rake angle.

7) Finish grinding the chamfer of the main back, transition edge and cutting edge.

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