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Use Steps Of Electric Luoyang Shovel(Pile Driver)

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Use steps of electric Luoyang shovel(pile driver): firstly, lift the motor shovel by the tripod rod, release the brake of the winch, and release the clutch. The Xinglin Luoyang shovel foundation pile driver makes a free fall movement downward by its own gravity. After rushing to the ground and plunging into the soil layer, the shovel blade of the shovel head will contain yellow soil. Start the motor winch to lift the shovel, and the contained loess will be brought out of the stratum, Start the motor to lift the Luoyang shovel to the appropriate position, 

pile driverrelease the winch clutch for a moment, and then close the clutch to make the shovel shake up and down in mid air. The two half shovels of the shovel head will collide with each other one by one, and the soil layer will naturally fall off from the shovel mouth. Next, use a trolley to pick up and push away the soil, and then one operation can be completed. Xinglin manufacturer has done experiments. The deepest hole with this product can be 50 meters, which greatly meets the needs of customers.

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