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The Price Of Electric Hoist In China Is Really Low

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When the steel wire rope is wound in and out of the pulley and drum during the operation of the electric winch, in addition to the tensile stress, there are extrusion, bending, contact and torsion stresses. The stress situation is very complex. Practice shows that metal fatigue caused by repeated bending and extrusion of steel wire rope is the main cause of steel wire rope failure. When the steel wire rope is damaged, the outer steel wire begins to break due to fatigue and wear. With the increase of the number of broken wires, the damage speed is gradually accelerated.

electric winch If it is still used after reaching a certain limit, the whole rope will be broken. After the correct selection of the structure and diameter of the steel wire rope, the actual service life depends largely on the maintenance and repair of the steel wire rope in use and the reasonable configuration of relevant parts. This problem can be considered from the following aspects: the ratio of pulley and drum diameter D to wire rope diameter D has a great impact on the service life of wire rope, which is almost square. Therefore, the selection of larger pulley and winding diameter is beneficial to the service life of steel wire rope. Therefore, the minimum ratio (D / D) of drum diameter and wire rope diameter is specified in the design, which is related to the working level of the winch. In use, the bending times of steel wire rope shall be minimized and reverse bending shall be avoided as far as possible.

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