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Our Pasta Machine Adopts Cnc Operating System

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Our pasta machine adopts CNC operating system, which is simple and efficient

1. According to the dynamic and scientific planning of noodle technical requirements, determine the density of the finished product, ensure the uniformity and fineness of pores, excellent elasticity and water holding capacity, and the finished product on the surface is exquisite, marked regularly and tastes smooth. Beyond the craft of goods.

2. The machine adopts microcomputer control and humanized control panel, with accurate and reliable control. Free running takes 5 minutes.

3. High initiative and accurate quantification, so that the finished products have the same size and can be adjusted freely. One or two can be operated.

pasta machine

4. The products are diversified and can produce all kinds of stuffed buns, pumpkin cakes, dumplings and other plush products

5. The fuselage is light, occupies small space and is easy to move. The main components are made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and in line with the national food hygiene standards.

6. The structure is reasonable, forming, filling, access surface and control panel adopt independent motor movement, which is not easy to cause joint problems, and it is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

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