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Chinese Punching And Shearing Machines Sell Well All Over The World

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Combined punching and shearing machine is an industrial machine with punching and shearing functions. It is an indispensable equipment in modern machinery manufacturing industry. This equipment has also derived more complex hydraulic combined punching and shearing machines. Good use methods can not only ensure the quality of mechanical products, but also prolong the service life of the machine. So what are the tips for the use of the punching and shearing machine? The first is the preparation before starting up. Before use, you should add oil to all parts, and you can also add oil appropriately on the punch, which can effectively reduce burrs. Moreover, it is used. The cut steel plate should be leveled and kept clean. combined punching and shearing machineWhen trying to shear, the length should not exceed 15mm. When the upper scissors move downward, the position of the lower steel plate shall be adjusted and the appropriate gap shall be maintained, so that the sheared steel plate will be relatively straight. In addition, when cutting, the steel plate must be pressed to prevent the steel plate from jumping and hurting people in the process of cutting.

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