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Look, This Pile Driver Covers A Small Area And Is Easy To Move

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The oil seal of the mast adjustment cylinder of the diesel pile driver is seriously leaked, which often affects the drilling rig construction. After replacing a group of oil seals, there is no problem in the commissioning of the mast. In the afternoon, when the operator went to the construction site to prepare for drilling, he first carried out the mast commissioning, but suddenly he couldn't adjust and lower to the right. At first, the operator thought that the solenoid valve at the upper limit of the mast was stuck. After inspection, it was not. Then he checked the relevant solenoid valves on the regulating valve and found no problem. 

pile driverWhat's the problem? After repeated thinking and inspection, it was finally decided to disassemble, wash and adjust the upper and lower hydraulic locks of the oil cylinder, and conduct mast commissioning again after installation to see how it was. Place the mast horizontally and then stand up, tilt left and right, and repeat debugging for many times. After everything is normal, let the operator drive the machine to the pile position to start construction.

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