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Application Method Of Reinforcement Straight Thread Rolling Machine

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Application method of reinforcement straight thread rolling machine

£¨1£© Preparation of reinforcement straight thread rolling machine

Connect the power line and grounding wire as required and connect the power supply. The power supply is three-phase 380V 50Hz AC power supply. In order to ensure personal safety, please use the automatic switch with leakage protection function, corn combine harvester. Fill the coolant tank with sufficient soluble coolant (refueling coolant is strictly prohibited).

£¨2£© Adjustment of reinforcement straight thread rolling machine before processing

According to the diameter of the processed reinforcement, replace the wire roller corresponding to the processing diameter. When replacing the thread roller, replace the washer suitable for the thread pitch of the thread roller to ensure the correctness of the thread pitch and the relationship between the thread pitch and the thickness of the washer

thread rolling machine

£¨3£© Empty running test of wire rolling machine

The wire rolling machine is on. Check whether the cooling water pump works normally. Operate the button and check whether the electrical control system works normally

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