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China's Pancake Baking Machine Has Good Quality And Low Price

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The pancake baking machine adopts the principle of multi roll one-time forming, and the size and thickness of single cake, hanging cake and spring cake are uniform, so that the quality of finished cake is guaranteed. Make up the noodles quickly. Put it into the feed hopper. The dough rolled on three sides is sent out by the conveyor belt, sprinkled with flour by the powder box, and then formed by the mold roll. pancake baking machineThe formed leather is stacked automatically, and the leftover materials are transferred to the original feed hopper by the return belt. The machine adopts stainless steel or ordinary steel, with reasonable structure, simple and convenient maintenance, disassembly and cleaning. Automatic skin feeding, automatic powder spraying, automatic molding and automatic skin return. Roll wire drawing, uniform feeding, neat panel and labor saving.

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