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Diesel Winch Should Also Pay Close Attention To The Wear

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Diesel winch should also pay close attention to the wear and broken wire of steel wire rope, which is directly related to the safety of diesel winch hoisting. In the work of these years, the most feasible and economical method for the maintenance of steel wire rope is summarized. Lubrication is the key to the maintenance of steel wire rope, but simply applying grease on the surface of steel wire rope can not fundamentally solve the problem, because the grease can not penetrate into it, and not every section of steel wire rope can be touched. In view of this situation, 

diesel winchI thought of using the heating method, that is, using the waste oil we usually replace to heat to a certain temperature and pour it on the steel wire rope. At the same time, I do the operation of rising and falling, so that each section of steel wire rope can be lubricated. Because the lubricating oil can penetrate into the core of the steel wire rope after heating, the steel wire rope is not only smooth and bright, but also saves cost.

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