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Hydraulic Winch Is The Most Commonly Used Equipment Of Crane

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Hydraulic winch is the most commonly used auxiliary equipment of crane. Hoisting machinery is used as a device to lift heavy objects, so as to meet the maintenance and lifting of daily large machinery and improve operation efficiency. Before the world financial crisis in 2008, China's slings and riggings developed very rapidly. Both export and domestic sales had reached the peak of history. Facing the severe economic situation, the sales competition of slings and riggings began to become more intense. In addition, hydraulic winch enterprises have also faced technical standards, management and other problems. hydraulic winchSome export-oriented enterprises, due to lack of experience in domestic sales, have fought a price war in order to survive, which has seriously affected the healthy development of the sling industry. Some small and medium-sized enterprises greedy for e-commerce sales are anxious for sales. They mistakenly develop their own platform or choose to pay huge membership fees, but they can not get the expected effect and have no large sales growth.

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