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Cleaning And Maintenance Methods Of Chicken Chopper

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According to the use of the chicken cutting machine, regularly maintain the dough chopping machine, open the casing, clean the original grease on each part, check the bearing position, apply sufficient calcium base grease, and regularly replace and add sufficient industrial gear oil in the gear box; Check the bearing, gear and other parts regularly, replace them in time if they are worn, and configure all parts in good condition after cleaning and replacement.

Before using the chicken chopper, the operator shall carefully study the instructions and operate in strict accordance with the instructions. It is strictly prohibited to reverse. Before starting up, check whether there are abnormalities in all parts. If any problems are found, they shall be handled in time to avoid accidents. Iron or other hard substances shall be strictly prevented from mixing into the flour to avoid damaging the machine parts.

chicken cutting machine

The above is about the cleaning method of chicken chopping machine. Do you understand it? If you want to know more about the chicken chopping machine, please pay attention to our website and the wonderful content will be presented to you at any time!

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