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The Operation Of Scrap Rebar Straightening Machine Shall Be Stopped

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The operation of scrap rebar straightening machine shall be stopped:

a. Overload or unclear weight of objects, such as lifting and pulling of buried objects with unclear weight or tension, and cable-stayed cable-stayed crane;

b. The structure or parts have defects or damages that affect the safe work, such as failure of safe alignment of the brake, damage of anti loose alignment of the hook nut, damage of the steel wire rope, etc;

scrap rebar straightening machine

c. The binding and hanging is not firm or unbalanced, which may slide, and there is no pad between the edges and corners of the weight and the steel wire rope;

d. There are people or floating objects on the suspended object;

e. The working site is dark, and it is impossible to see the site, lifted objects and command signals.

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