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General Requirements For Safe Operation Of Electric Forklifts

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General requirements for safe operation of electric forklifts

a. When the electric forklift driver takes over the shift, he shall check the brake, lifting arm, steel wire rope and safety device. If abnormal performance is found, it shall be eliminated before operation;

b. Bell ringing or alarm must be given before driving, and intermittent bell or alarm shall also be given when approaching people during operation;

C. The operation shall be carried out according to the command signal, and the emergency stop signal shall be executed immediately no matter who sends it;

d. When no one is confirmed on or around the electric forklift, the main power supply can be closed. If the power circuit breaker is locked or labeled, the main power supply can be closed only after it is removed by relevant personnel;

electric forklift

e. Before closing the main power supply, all puller handles shall be set to zero position;

f. In case of sudden power failure during operation, all controller handles shall be turned back to zero. Before re operation, check whether the action of electric forklift is normal;

g. For the electric forklift operating in the open air on the track, the crane shall be anchored at the end of the work. When the wind force is greater than level 6, generally stop working and anchor the crane. For the electric forklift working along the coast, such as the portal electric forklift, when the wind force is greater than Grade 7, the work shall be stopped and the crane shall be anchored;

h. When the driver carries out maintenance, he shall cut off the main power supply and hang a warning board or lock it. If there is any fault that has not been eliminated, he shall notify the driver on duty.

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