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The Electric Macaroni Machine Completely Replaces Manual Production

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The macaroni made by the electric macaroni machine is uniform in thickness, silky and smooth, as white as rice noodles, and the threads are not sticky. After coming out of the machine, it falls directly into the pot to cook, and then it is fished and sieved. Bowls and bowls of macaroni with strong flavor are born. The electric macaroni machine has reliable quality and completely replaces manual production. The machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and effortless operation, high production efficiency, compact structure and convenient carrying. 

macaroni machineIt is specially made for the production of chopsticks. It has beautiful and generous appearance. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. Its main function is to mix standard flour (mixed with some miscellaneous flour) into soft and hard dough and place it in the inlet of macaroni machine, Hand pulled noodles are extruded by rotating and forming molds. The finished products can be directly put into the pot for cooking for food. Three sets of molds, two round, one flat and shaped products, are given randomly.

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