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Wire Rolling Machines Made In China Are Dealers In Mauritius

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Even when the thread rolling machine is not used, the equipment should be maintained to prevent failure when it is to be used, which will delay the work. Equipment that has not been used for a long time is likely to fail, so you must pay attention to maintenance when it is idle. Let's introduce the maintenance contents of the wire rolling machine.

1¡¢ Check that there are no obstacles, impurities and new pulling, grinding and bumping on the equipment bed, worktable, guide rail and other main sliding surfaces;

thread rolling machine

2¡¢ Check the handle, valve, rod and main parts and components of each operating mechanism;

3¡¢ Check whether all safety protection devices are complete and installed correctly and reliably;

4¡¢ Check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient;

5¡¢ Check whether the main parts, components and fasteners are abnormally loose.

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