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List Of Dealers And Manufacturers Of Diesel Hoists In Mauritius

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Surface treatment of diesel winch before painting

1. When there is moisture, oil stain and dust on the metal surface before derusting, it shall be dried or degreased with compressed air and washing solvent.

2. Remove rust, scale, sludge, welding slag, spatter, etc. (it is allowed to remove a small amount of residual scale manually where it is difficult to remove during shot blasting).

3. The metal surface after rust removal shall be carefully blown off with compressed air.diesel winch

4. The steel structural parts exposed to the air shall be subject to sand blasting or shot blasting before painting (for plates with a thickness of less than 6mm, spray cleaning, manual and power tools shall be used for rust removal, which is easy to deform, and acid pickling shall be used for rust removal). The surface pretreatment before painting shall comply with grade Sa21 / 2 of GB / T 8923.1-2011, and other parts shall reach grade ST2. After rust removal, the surface roughness reaches 40 ~ 80 μ m¡£

5. After rust removal, clean the metal surface and apply anti rust primer in time.

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