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We often eat noodles in our life. It's better to make noodles by ourselves when we go out to buy noodles. Spaghetti machine can help us realize this idea. Please see below:

1. Before using the electric noodle machine, put aside the good noodles according to your preferences and prepare dry flour for use.

2. The electric noodle machine shall be installed on a dry and ventilated horizontal ground to ensure that the machine works stably and reliably.

spaghetti machine

3. Before use, check the working surface, remove the dirt on the surface, and add some lubricating oil to the face knife shaft sleeve and gear

4. Dough processing: put the switch in the "straight" position for dough machining. When the mixed flour dough is kneaded by the roll, the roll gap shall be adjusted from thick to thin, and the incoming thickness shall be 2 ~ 3 times of the outgoing thickness. The dough after repeated kneading and pressing can improve the strength and taste. It is recommended that users make full use of the kneading and pressing function of the machine. The dough before strip cutting shall be 3 ~ 5mm thick and shall be rolled with a rolling rod for standby.

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