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List Of Manufacturers Of Mauritius Chicken Chopping Machine

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Steps for sharpening the knife of chicken cutting machine:

When grinding, keep your fingers in the correct position, with uniform force and easy sliding. Hold the handle with the right hand and the shell with the left hand. The blade faces the front of the grinder. Push the blade forward from the lower right corner of the grindstone to the upper left corner of the grindstone, and then push it to the heel to turn the blade over. Move the knife horizontally so that the heel of the blade is in the center of the front end of the grindstone, and pull it back obliquely. chicken cutting machineTurn the blade over from the top and move the blade to the side so that the blade is in the original position of the grinding surface. Each time, there are eight actions. All blades should contact the grindstone and repeat. During grinding, press the blade evenly with left and right hands to avoid tilting and prevent greasy fingers from sliding off the blade. Accustomed to different technologies, you can turn back and move forward from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the stone, and from the lower left corner to the upper right corner. As long as the knife and grindstone grind everything, there is no difference. A fast and simple method is also effective. Skilled formulation moves faster with blades, but premature pursuit of speed in practice will stiffen edges or cut fingers.

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