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The Spaghetti Machine Made In China Has The Highest Cost Performance

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The spaghetti machine made in China has the highest cost performance. Before processing noodles, first use the flour mixer to mix the flour to the appropriate moisture level, then pour the mixed flour into the hopper of the noodle machine, squeeze it into dough under the action of relative rotation of the flour roller, and finally cut the dough with the cutting knife at the machine head to form noodles. spaghetti machineThe common noodles are noodles and round noodles. The shape is determined by the type of noodles knife. Noodles with different widths and shapes can be produced by using different types and specifications of noodles knives. The above is the working principle of spaghetti machine. It has automatic climbing rod device and can also be used to process noodles. It is a multifunctional equipment.

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