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Structure And Working Principle Of Mini Cnc Lathe

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Instrument CNC lathe adopt spring collet for quick clamping, the motor directly drives the spindle, large and small discs for quick hand wrench operation, and vertical and horizontal positioning to control turning. Some instrument lathes are equipped with flange, tailstock device and die thread following device, which can process outer circle, inner circle, cutting, end face, cutting groove, turning taper, drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, grinding and other functions. 

CNC latheIt is widely used in the production and processing of small parts such as electrical appliances, fasteners, automobile and motorcycle accessories, instruments and meters, hardware and electrical appliances, cultural and educational supplies, film and television equipment, electromechanical products, plumbing fittings, valves, bearing rings, shafts and small workpieces such as glasses manufacturing. It is the most ideal high-efficiency equipment in the hardware machining industry.

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