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Common Faults And Solutions Of Small Cnc Lathe

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Common faults and solutions of small CNC lathe:

Improper installation of the machine tool will cause distortion and deformation of the machine tool bed, which will make the carriage too tight or stuck when moving. Solution: loosen the anchor bolt to restore it and reinstall it to ensure that the bed foot is level with the worktable (this scheme is the solution for the installation of the new machine tool). CNC latheLoosen the screws of the carriage guard plate and remove the carriage guard plate and the guard pad. Then loosen the screws of the carriage pressing plate, remove the carriage pressing plate, and wash the carriage and guide rail with kerosene. After use for a period of time, it is necessary to replace the large and small carriage guard pad (felt) to prevent iron filings from entering.

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