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The Macaroni Machine Has The Advantages Of High Yield

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The macaroni machine has the advantages of high yield and efficiency, time and labor saving, simple operation and so on. The produced noodles have good toughness and good taste. The characteristics of the medium-sized macaroni machine are: the roll surface is finely ground by the grinder, smooth and beautiful, and the rolled surface belt is uniform and smooth, which ensures good macaroni quality. The design of the machine is reasonable. It adopts arrangement type, reducer and sprocket drive, macaroni machinelow noise, compact structure, humanized design and labor-saving. 45# forged steel gear is adopted for the main parts of the macaroni machine, and 45# seamless steel pipe is adopted for the roll. After heat treatment, the hardness of the roll is increased, and the pressed macaroni is smoother and stronger.

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