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Features Of Electric Vertical Woodworking Wood Bandsaw

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Features of electric vertical woodworking wood band saw:

1. Upper: it is composed of iron and steel parts and cast iron parts. Both ends of the central shaft are equipped with a set of bearing boxes, (built-in 310 bearings) installed on the column rod and upper wheel support frame. It is the main component driving the band saw blade to saw timber.

2. Upper wheel support frame: cast iron, which is the main component supporting the upper saw wheel. It has balance lever, jack bar, lifting weight, sawdust scraper, column cloth base, column rod, upper saw wheel lifting system, etc.

3. Column rod: it is connected with the upper saw wheel bearing box and the lower lifting screw rod, which is the main component to support and lift the upper saw wheel.

band saw

4. Flat base: cast iron, with upper saw wheel support frame assembly on the top, lower saw wheel assembly on the bottom, and thickness adjustment assembly in front, which is the workbench for sawing.

5. Lower saw wheel: cast iron. There is a set of bearing boxes at both ends of the main shaft (built-in 310 bearings) which are fastened on the lower wheel support and can be adjusted from front to back, left to right. After hanging the saw blade, the lower saw wheel drives the upper saw wheel to form the cutting capacity and achieve the purpose of sawing.

6. The machine tool has reasonable design, stable operation, low noise, large sawn timber size, installation and commissioning suggestions and convenient operation.

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