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Chicken Chopping Machine Can Replace Human Cutting Chicken Nuggets

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At present, in the food industry, the function of chicken cutting machine can replace people to cut chicken nuggets. The whole process is automated, which is very convenient and saves a lot of time. Due to frequent contact with chicken nuggets, we should improve its wear resistance. So how to improve the wear resistance?

1. When using the chicken chop machine, the cutting tool shall be sprayed well.

chicken cutting machine

2. Maintenance work shall be done before work. Newly installed gears are easy to loosen and shall be inspected frequently. Pay more attention to whether each part of the meat cutter works normally. If there is a problem with that part, replace or repair it in time.

3. After work, do a good job in daily maintenance. After work, clean the meat crumbs on it and wipe the water with your hand. Usually, he has to sharpen his knife frequently, refuel regularly, check the parts regularly, and take good care of the meat cutter, so that he can be faster!

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