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Affordable Noodle Machines Made In China Are Very Popular

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The noodle machine can be used to process noodles, round noodles and other common noodles, such as longxumian and Dandan noodles. It is a noodle pressing equipment with high production efficiency. We should pay attention to the following points when using it:

1. For operators who use the equipment for the first time, they should first be familiar with the structure, performance and operation of the equipment.

2. Before use, check whether the grounding wire is reliable, loose and falling off.noodle machine

3. The matched power supply voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage of the machine, otherwise the electrical device of the machine will be damaged.

4. Turn the hand wheel above the side by hand, adjust the clearance of the drum as required, and close the switch to make the drum roll in the specified direction. Then put the dough into the lower hopper to roll, catch the pressed dough below, fold it in half and roll it for many times.

5. After use, the roll and the upper and lower scrapers shall be cleaned and coated with edible oil to prevent rust.

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