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Guide For Model Selection Of Log Sliding Table Panel Saw

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Round wood sliding table saw is suitable for joinery board, finger joint board, wood strip, plate, square material and other woodworking. Round wood sliding table saw is a professional helper in the woodworking industry. This product has been highly praised by the majority of users since it was put on the market. Our company's sliding table saw has the characteristics of high processing speed, no burr after processing, high flatness, convenient operation, that is, it can be operated by middle-aged women, and so on. 1. The voltage of the machine is 380V 2. The power is 7.5kw × 2 sets 3. Processing diameter: 200-400mm (customized according to the customer's log diameter) 4. Processing thickness: 0-200mm 5. Processing length: 0.5m, 1M, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3M, 4m, etc. 

table saw(customized according to the customer's log length) we pay more attention to details and quality. The main shaft is quenched and tempered with 45 steel, the bearing is international NSK bearing, the motor is famous brand (the motor can be guaranteed for one year), etc The equipment is painted with automobile enamel.

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