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Daily Maintenance Method Of Log Sliding Pushing Table Saw

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Daily maintenance method of log sliding table saw: the selection of finishing process. Different plates need different finishing processes. Excessive impurities. Observe the sharpness of the saw blade. Too many impurities are easy to blunt the saw blade and cause the problem of edge burst. The edge burst of wood under the saw mouth is mostly due to the insufficient width or dullness of the auxiliary saw blade of the precision sliding table saw. This problem will also occur when the center line of the main saw blade and the auxiliary saw blade is not in a straight line. 

table sawThe corresponding solution is to replace the saw blade or adjust its position. There are burn marks after the wood is sawed, This kind of edge burst is mostly caused by the blunt blade of precision sliding table saw. The high belt rotation or slow feeding of the saw blade, coupled with the blunt saw blade, will directly cause edge burst.

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