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Requirements For Installation Position Of Hydraulic Winch

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Requirements for installation position of hydraulic winch

1. Set up an operation shed and ensure that the operators can see the commander and the objects dragged or lifted. Buildings, scaffolds, materials and components stacked on site during construction shall not affect the driver's monitoring of the whole process within the operation range. The top of the operation shed in the hazardous operation area shall meet the requirements of the protective shed.

hydraulic winch

2. Solid foundation. The winch shall be far away from the dangerous operation area as far as possible, select a place with high terrain and solid soil, bury the ground anchor, lock it with the winch base with steel wire rope, and pile driving shall be carried out in front to prevent the winch from moving and overturning.

3. Drum direction. The center of the drum is aligned with the guide pulley. The distance from the drum to the first guide pulley is as follows: the grooved drum shall be greater than 15 times the width of the drum, and the grooved drum shall be greater than 20 times, so as to prevent the steel wire rope from overlapping each other and the flange of the guide pulley from wearing the steel wire rope during the drum operation.

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