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The New Horizontal Sawmill Adopts Pneumatic Device

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The new horizontal sawmill adopts pneumatic and hydraulic tensioning devices. The guide device, commonly known as saw card, is used to prevent the distortion or swing of the band saw blade during sawing; The lower saw card is fixed at the lower end of the bed, and the upper saw card can be adjusted up and down along the vertical slide rail; The saw card structure has roller type and slider type, and the slider type is made of hardwood or wear-resistant plastic. sawmillBand sawing machine is widely used in wood industry with various models. It can be divided into: large band sawing machine, re sectioning band sawing machine and joinery band sawing machine; According to the placement orientation of the saw wheel, it is divided into vertical, horizontal and inclined, and the vertical is divided into right and left; According to the installation mode of band saw: fixed and mobile; According to the number of combined machines: ordinary band saw and multi band saw, etc.

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