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Precautions For Operation Of Log Sliding Table Saw Machine

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Precautions for operation of log sliding table saw machine

1. Check the condition and safety of the machine;

2. Check whether the tool installation position is correct, whether the tool is sharp and whether grinding is required;

3. Turn on the power and start the tool, and there is no abnormality during idling;

4. When working, it is necessary to check whether the dimension has error and whether there is error due to mechanical reasons before formal work;table saw

5. Observe the safety regulations during work. When sawing small edge strips, do not directly feed the strips by hand. Push the workpiece with a pusher or a self-made pusher plate. The auxiliary plate receiving personnel can also not directly take them by hand;

6. Tool replacement can only be carried out after the machine is safely stopped and the power is turned off;

7. After the work, the dust of the machine must be cleaned, the power supply must be turned off, and the operating tools and operating table must be cleaned up without sundries.

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