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Application Scope Of Pancake Baking Machine

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The pancake baking machine is an indispensable equipment in Chinese restaurants, which greatly improves the production efficiency. It is automatic sizing, temperature control and adjustable speed. Sizing means roasting. It is easy to adjust and cooked without coke. 1000 pieces of equipment are indispensable for you to make roast duck cakes an hour. It is easy to operate and greatly improves the production capacity; The roast duck cake machine has the advantages of reasonable design, wide range of use, complete, non stick edge, avoiding the problems of different sizes caused by manpower, 

pancake baking machinecompletely liberating the labor force, improving the service life of the equipment and low failure rate. It can be used for making baked duck cake, lotus leaf cake, spring cake, baked bun, water baked bun, spring roll skin, dumplings, steamed stuffed buns, pastries and other dough. The use efficiency of cake press (duck cake machine) has been improved several times.

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