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Lubrication Method Of Gantry Milling Machine

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After taking a series of measures to reduce the heat source, the thermal deformation of gantry milling machine will be improved. However, it is usually very difficult or even impossible to completely eliminate the internal and external heat sources of gantry milling machine. Therefore, the temperature rise must be controlled through good heat dissipation and cooling to reduce the influence of heat source. 

milling machineThe more effective method for the middle part is to forcibly cool the heating part of the gantry milling machine, or heat the low-temperature part of the gantry milling machine to make the temperature of each point of the gantry milling machine tend to be the same, which can reduce the warpage deformation caused by the temperature difference. To reduce the heat, the main heat source of thermal deformation during internal heating of gantry milling machine should be separated from the host as far as possible.

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