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Method For Prolonging Service Life Of Noodle Machine

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The noodle machine shall be cleaned after use to keep the machine clean and tidy. Take out the flour mixing roller, clean it again, wipe it gently with a brush, and clean the remaining flour and batter of the flour mixing roller, so that it can be used normally and come out quickly next time. There will be some residual surface in the cutter. If it is not removed and used again, the thickness and shape of noodles will be seriously affected. The cutting tool is also a particularly important part. 

noodle machineIt can make a variety of noodle noodle machines. Therefore, the cutting tools of the noodle machine must be cleaned. After the work of the automatic noodle machine is completed, take out the cutting tools, brush the cutting tools with a brush, or wash them with water. The cutting tools are made of all stainless steel. There is no need to worry about rust after a period of time. The cutting tools are not sharp. The cutting tools of the noodle press are relatively safe and the users will not be hurt.

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