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Matters Needing Attention When Using Log Sliding Table Saw

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Matters needing attention when using log sliding table saw: whether the protective cover is complete, and it is forbidden to remove the protective cover during operation. Before startup, check whether the fastening bolts at each part are loose and tighten them. Each oil filling hole shall be filled with sufficient and smooth oil. The power supply of sliding table saw shall be equipped with necessary protective devices (such as leakage protector) and ground wire. 

table sawWhen starting up, empty the machine to check whether the main shaft steering is the same as the marked arrow of the equipment. Check whether the arrow marked on the saw blade is the same as the rotation direction of the main shaft. When the machine is started up, it shall be idled for 10 minutes to check whether the saw blade has the appearance of jumping and swinging, and make the equipment full and smooth.

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