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Application Method Of Square Wood Multi Blade Saw

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Square wood multi rip saw is a model for square wood production and processing, which is suitable for processing square wood with width of 40-300mm and height of 40-120mm. 4. The power feeding performance is stable, the fulcrum pressure wheel can rise and fall automatically, adapt to the size of wood, and the size of wood can pass smoothly. Multi blade saw has the characteristics of high production efficiency, simple operation and maintenance, high finish and no pressure planing. 

multi rip sawThis equipment is a better choice for your material cutting. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider whether the power of the machine can meet the demand. For example, for cutting hardwood, it is best to choose a machine with higher power. Consider from other aspects: for example, the water spray technology for the saw blade, such as whether the feeding system is easy to use, such as appearance, and then such as the quality and brand of the selected parts.

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