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Characteristics Of Log Cutting Saw

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Characteristics of log cutting saw: 1. Cut the wood into uniform length wood sections, such as developed and manufactured for veneer processing industry and transportation industry. Veneer manufacturers generally buy logs longer than 2000mm or 2600mm. After sawing by automatic sawmill, they can become two logs with standard length of 970mm or 1270mm. log cutting saw2. Automatic feeding, automatic sawing, and can sawing curved wood; 3 introduction of new round wood sawing automatic wood sawing has the function of automatic feeding. It automatically cuts the wood section according to the required length, and then automatically transports the wood section to the feeding place of peeling machine and rotary cutting machine. The full-automatic wood sawing machine only needs one person to control the work of wood sawing, and the output can be as high as 200 m3 per day.

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