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Processing Range Of Wire Rolling Machine

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The thread rolling machine manufacturer needs to correctly select and install the thread rolling die, rolling die and straightening die according to the process requirements of the machined parts, and correctly adjust the tooth position and end face of the thread rolling die and the taper of the thread of the machined parts. When machining large workpieces, try to shorten the span of the two fulcrum bearing seats of the fixed spindle and the movable spindle to improve the stiffness of the spindle; 

thread rolling machineWhen cantilever rolling is used for processing small workpieces, the rolling pressure shall not exceed 58800n, and the width of the thread rolling die shall not exceed 40mm. Pay attention to the operation frequently during work, and keep the interlocking, limit, feeding and other mechanisms accurate and reliable. In case of any abnormality, timely check and handle it.

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