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Commercial Juicer Sample Is For Free Only Today

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The rotation direction of the screw spindle of the commercial juicer is clockwise when viewed from the feed hopper to the slag tank. The raw material is added into the feed hopper and pressed under the propulsion of the screw. The pressed juice flows into the juice container at the bottom through the filter screen, while the waste is discharged through the annular gap formed between the screw and the conical part of the pressure regulating head. The size of the gap can be adjusted by the movement of the pressure regulating head along the axial direction. 

juicerIt is used to change the size of the gap clockwise (when the bearing seat of the hand wheel is rotated from the slag discharge tank of the equipment to the feed hopper end, the pressure regulating head is to the left, the gap is reduced, otherwise the gap becomes larger). That is, adjust the resistance of slag discharge. The slag yield can be changed. However, if the gap is too small, some slag particles will be extruded through the filter screen together with the juice under strong extrusion. Although the juice output increases, the quality of the juice decreases relatively. The size of the gap should depend on the specific process requirements of the user.

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