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Gantry Sawmill Saw Shall Be Checked Frequently

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The components of horizontal gantry sawmill saw shall be checked and corrected frequently. Check whether the upper and lower saw wheels are in a vertical plane by hanging wire. If there is distortion, it is appropriate to adjust the upper wheel. If the gap is too large, the lower wheel can also be adjusted. There will always be some wear after the upper and lower wheels work for a period of time. sawmillIf you often check whether the upper wheel lifting system is flexible and reliable; Whether the saw card lifting device can slide up and down freely; Whether the automatic tensioning device is flexible and effective. Whether all parts are damaged; Whether the connecting parts are loose, etc. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it shall be solved in time. Or scrub, refuel, repair, correct, or even replace to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool.

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