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Structural Characteristics Of Knife Grinder Made In China

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The knife sharpener is also called end face knife grinder, and its structure is mainly gantry type. It is mainly aimed at institutional and enterprise users such as knife grinding center, forest industry, printing factory, papermaking plastics, book and periodical printing center, medium-sized knife grinding room, etc. The knife grinder series adopts a gantry structure body made of carbon steel. The transmission and positioning of the grinding head is adjustable. The guide rail is subject to precision scraping and grinding technology, so that the service life of the whole machine is longer. 

knife sharpenerThe aviation turbine deceleration system is adopted, and the rack back and forth makes the stroke transmission more stable. It is suitable for grinding the straight blade of cutting machinery such as rotary cutter, paper cutter, plate shears and planers. It is a necessary tool grinding equipment for printing, papermaking, woodwork, comprehensive utilization of wood, sheet metal and other industries.

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