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Inspection Method For Steel Wire Rope Of Electric Winch

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In the long-term work practice, people have summed up and explored a set of simple and practical methods to check the steel wire rope of the electric winch, that is, wrap the steel wire rope with cotton yarn to make the winch run slowly. The broken end of the steel wire can easily pick up the cotton yarn and the broken wire part can be seen at a glance. Of course, 

electric winchsteel wire rope flaw detector can also be used for inspection, which is more accurate. For example, cdt-1 steel wire rope flaw detector determines whether the wire is broken according to the magnetic field change caused by the broken wire of the electric winch after the partial magnetization of the steel wire rope, and can accurately find out the number and position of the broken wire in the whole length of the steel wire rope. In addition, there are GXT-1 on-line nondestructive flaw detector for steel wire rope, etc.

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