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What Is The Main Content Of Spaghetti Machine Maintenance

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What is the main content of spaghetti machine maintenance?

1¡¢ Before and after the operation of the spaghetti machine, check and clean the sundries of the noodle roll, noodle knife and table. The recovered flour and starch must be filtered with a screen before use.

spaghetti machine

2¡¢ The oil filling hole of spaghetti machine, noodle knife, etc. shall be dredged frequently, and an appropriate amount of lubricating oil shall be added once a day. Gear oil or 20# engine oil or edible oil can be selected; The gear and chain should be properly coated with lithium base grease; The transmission case gear oil shall be replaced with new oil after leaving the factory for three months and one year later.

3¡¢ Regularly check the tightness of bolts, check the tightness and wear of ordinary V-belts, and adjust or replace them in time.

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