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Operating Steps Of Chicken Chopping Machine

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You can use the thawing plate to thaw quickly and conveniently, or take out the frozen meat in the refrigerator and put it in the thawing container. Because the thermal conductivity of the aluminum basin is very good, you can also use the aluminum basin to thaw. After thawing, you can use chicken cutting machine to cut off the frozen meat.

1¡¢ Use two aluminum metal pots (there are aluminum in many containers in families now), one is buckled upside down on the table, and then put the meat on it. Another pot is placed on the meat (the pot depth can be buckled on the meat). Let the meat contact the aluminum metal pot at the top and bottom! The meat will thaw quickly, and the aluminum conductivity is very strong! Water will soak away the nutrition of the meat, and the meat quality is very bad. In the microwave oven, the meat surface is ripe, and the meat inside has not thawed! My method avoids the shortcomings of the above two methods!

Also, use the microwave oven, but don't turn it on the microwave file, turn it on the thawing file or the file with lower firepower. As long as the outside melts, the inside melts. The thawing effect is very good.

chicken cutting machine

2¡¢ The flowing water is cold water, so that it will not melt outside and freeze inside.

3¡¢ Take it out in advance to thaw. If it's hot, be careful to deteriorate. However, it's not easy to smell than water. Hotels are generally like this. Microwave oven is still convenient in the family. It's faster and easier to master.

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