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Treatment Method For Power Failure Of Diesel Winch

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Treatment method for power failure of diesel winch:

1. The control circuit of the diesel winch is connected from the three-phase 380V power supply through the switch QS. Two phases are taken out of the three-phase power supply as the power supply of the control circuit to supply power to the coil km of the main contactor. The normally closed contacts Ki, Ki1, ki2 and KI3 of the overcurrent relay are successively connected in the control circuit to protect each motor from overload.

2. Connect zero starting protection contacts Q1, Q2 and Q3 in series for zero starting protection.diesel winch

3. The series safety protection switch SA is used for emergency shutdown in case of accident.

4. Three limit switches SQ1, SQ2 and SQ3 are connected in series for interlocking protection.

5. Button sb is used to start, and the two normally open auxiliary contacts km of the main contactor complete the self-locking of the main contactor.

6. The following groups of limit position limit switches cooperate with the corresponding 2 pairs of contacts of each cam controller to complete the limit of diesel winch.

If we find that the diesel winch is powered off during our daily use, we should pay attention to it, eliminate the fault in time and make it return to normal, so as to ensure that the equipment can play an ideal use effect.

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