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Electric Forklifts Are Forklifts That Operate With Electricity

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Electric forklifts are forklifts that operate with electricity, most of which work for batteries. The battery is one of the batteries. Its function is to store the limited electric energy and use it in a suitable place. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. This kind of battery is installed in the battery of electric forklift. Note: the battery should not be placed horizontally! Because the inside of the battery is generally 22 ~ 28% dilute sulfuric acid. When the battery is placed horizontally, the electrolyte can submerge the electrode plate and leave some space. electric forkliftIf the battery is placed horizontally, some electrode plates will be exposed to the air, which is very unfavorable to the electrode plate of the battery. Moreover, the observation hole of the general battery or the top of the battery are connected with the outside, so the electrolyte is easy to flow out when the battery is placed horizontally.

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